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Please click the heart above to make a donation to St. Joseph the Worker Shrine in Lowell, MA.  To all of you who have been clicking here and/or mailing-in your donations on a regular basis toward the support and maintenance of the Shrine, we say, THANK YOU!

Here at the Shrine, we gladly report the following updates:

*** Vaccinated people are no longer required to wear masks or socially distance themselves from others while worshipping here.

  • The dispensation from the obligation for coming to Sunday Mass has not yet been lifted, and even when it is, if a worshipper is feeling ill they should remain at home.

  • It is understood that different people will be ready to take off their masks and sit near one another at different times. The Shrine has made accommodations for those who are ready to take off their masks and sit near others, and for those who are not.

  • Some people who are comfortable dropping social distancing may not yet be comfortable taking off their masks; all are free to continue to wear masks as long as they like, and they will be respected if they choose to do so.

  • Sections of the Shrine pews are cordoned-off for socially distanced seating and marked accordingly. In the non-distanced section of the Shrine, every pew can be used and the markings have been adjusted accordingly.

  • Congregational/choir singing has resumed using in-pew hymnals

  • There is no need to sign-in for daily Masses.

  • The use of regular Confessionals has resumed. When using the kneeling/closed side of the confessional, please wear a mask - the confessor is within inches of your face behind the screen.

Please continue to make use of the available sanitizing stations to sanitize your hands coming-in and going-out of the Shrine and Gift Shop/Bookstore.

Even as we gradually and gratefully emerge from the pandemic restrictions we willingly adopted for the common good of those who frequent the Shrine, we continue to struggle to meet our continuing financial obligations in the wake of the accumulated shortfalls of the past months.  Any assistance you can send our way will be gratefully received.  Stay safe and know how very grateful we are to every donor. 

Pray St. Joseph continues to assist us and know that we thank God for every one of you!

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