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Please click the heart above to give what you can to St. Joseph The Worker Shrine. To all of you who have been clicking here and or mailing in more of your much needed support we'd like to say THANK YOU!  The Covid-19 pandemic closure and the state's phase one partial reopening of the Shrine has and will test us all to meet our continued financial obligations. For answering the Director's appeal while we've been behind the Shrine's Closed Doors due to the Covid-19 stay at home orders, again we need to shout our THANK YOU for you helped us so very much.   Please check our Mass and Confession schedules on this website and notice the Gift Shop's phase two partial reopening, ( Summer Schedule on the site now too). If you're able to wear your masks and social distance and join us as we gradually get back to new normal we encourage you to do so. We've put the State's mandates for health and safety in place for you and our staff. We're ready to serve you. If you're in the high risk age group with underlying health issues, stay home and know we're praying for you too. Stay safe and know how very grateful we are to every donor. Pray St. Joseph continues to assist us and know we thank God for everyone of you! 

Click the heart logo now! THANK YOU!