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Lowell Oblates are Surrounded by History They Helped Make

Since 2008, the U. S. Mint has been issuing a series of commemorative quarters dubbed “America the Beautiful” – the customary imprint of George Washington appearing on one side with commemorative emblems on the reverse side.  For 10 years, those emblems saluted individual States, highlighting aspects of each state’s heritage.  This series ended in 2018.

A new series of these commemorative quarters was launched in February of this year – this time saluting National Parks or other national sites.  Since 1978, the city of Lowell, Massachusetts has been designated an urban National Historical Park with respect to its being in the forefront of the American Industrial Revolution.  The Lowell National Historical Park quarter is among the first 3 struck in this new series issued by the National Mint.

2019 Lowell National Historical Park Coin - America the Beautiful Series

What is depicted here is a “mill girl” at work at a textile loom fed by a large bobbin battery wheel.  Visible through a window is part of the Lowell skyline (largely preserved and still visible today) – an industrial smokestack and the clock tower of the Boott Textile Mill.