St. Joseph the Worker Shrine

We who minister at the Shrine are committed to work collaboratively with one another and with you. Our aim is to provide a place of prayer, conscious reflection, and social action that is hospitable to and calls forth the gifts of all who come to the Shrine. We do this in the spirit of Jesus Christ and of Saint Eugene de Mazenod, founder of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate.

Our mission is based on Matthew 11:28:

Come to me all you who labor and are overburdened, and I will give you rest.”

The Shrine of St. Joseph the Worker has reopened its doors

and is operating in conformity with all mandated safety protocols for the protection of our worshippers:

~ no entry without a mask or face-covering

~ hand sanitizing at the entry door

~ social distancing practiced throughout the facility

To observe these safety practices:

~ we open our doors 15 minutes before Mass and close them 15 minutes after Mass to allow sanitizing all surfaces folks have come into contact with.

~ folks are ushered-in at the front entrance to the Shrine.

~ a count is kept as to how many persons can enter.

~ we cannot exceed a total number of 70 persons at a time in the Shrine, this includes the 4 who minister in the sanctuary.

~ this means that for Sunday weekend liturgies (4 Masses)

a total of 280 people can be accommodated in the Shrine.

~ hopefully, as the danger subsides, we will be able to increase those numbers; we also plan to simulcast the Mass downstairs in our Conference Hall where an additional 20 people could be accommodated at each Mass.

~ Persons who are over 60 years of age and/or who are health-compromised by

pre-existing conditions remain dispensed from the Sunday Mass

obligation and are encouraged to stay at home and pray the Mass on

television or via social media until overall conditions improve.

~ we hope to live-stream our noon Mass on Facebook/YouTube once the equipment we ordered is in place to allow this.

~ in the meantime, once we hit the number of 70 attendees, others will have

to be turned away and asked to perhaps return for a later Mass.


We have also resumed our regular Confession schedule

* starting on June 1st and extending thru the summer months of June-July-August,

our morning confession schedule is altered somewhat:

~ confessions will be heard from 10:30-11:45 a.m., shaving-off 45 minutes

from our regular schedule but allowing a single confessor to cover

the entire confession period.

~ late afternoon confessions (4:30-5:15 pm) remain unchanged

~ Saturday morning confessions (10:00-1:00pm) likewise remain unchanged


The biggest change is the location where confessions are heard.

Since we cannot observe the required safe distance protocols

using the regular confessionals in the Confessional Lobby,

we have established a temporary confessional using the vestibule of the

Shrine's side entrance - it's a beautiful space whose stained-glass windows

depict the 7-day Creation narrative and so is conducive to centering oneself

for Reconciliation.  This is a fairly expansive reconciliation space (6 feet separation is easily achieved in this enclosed vestibule) - the priest at one end (at the head of the stairs) and the

penitent at the other (foot of the stairs).  Folks line-up on the pavement

fronting the Shrine – using the 6 foot spacing markers on the pavement as a

guide – and take their turn entering the privacy of this street-level space.

This is similar to the practice we have become familiar with in lining-up to

enter many public places of late. The sidewalk queue could become

problematic depending on weather conditions – alas!

Starting on June 1st, we will, as always, implement our slightly abbreviated

Summer Confession hours (10:30-11:45 on weekday mornings), shaving-

off some 45 minutes but attended by only one confessor for the duration.


The opportunity to register Masses and/or to request candles to be lit

is provided in the Lobby or outdoors after Masses

~ take-home hand-outs are offered by Ushers to those who request them

~ these are to be filled-out at home and returned later

Once the Gift Shop/Bookstore is fully up and running,

those opportunities to register Masses and request candle to be lit

will, of course, always be available there.

Weekly Offertory donations are what allow the Shrine to pay its bills.

We wish to thank all of those who have continued to mail-in their offertory

collection donations during this time when we have had to close our doors.

Please continue to do so if you cannot resume regular attendance here but out

of “an abundance of caution” follow the Mass on television or social media

until the “all clear” is given.

Our Website features an easy way to make your weekly/monthly Offertory

donation – click the “We Share” button and make your contribution – becoming,

in effect what is called a “sustaining member” by many non-profit organizations.

Protocols for Mass attendance at the Shrine of St. Joseph the Worker during this time of Corona Virus Pandemic

To maintain social distancing, seating is being restricted; ~ kindly use only those seats that are marked-out for use ~ 70 people maximum can be safely seated in the Shrine itself.

Everyone must wear a mask while in the Shrine!

Sign of Peace: a sincere nod of recognition to each other.

There will be 2 Communion Stations: ~ one at the front and one at the divider aisle ~ process single-file down the center aisle ~ return to your seat using the side aisles ~ observe one-way direction in all the aisles.

Holy Communion can only be received in the hand ~ cup one hand over the other to form a mini “throne” ~ step to one side, pull-down your mask ~ reverently place the Host from your hand into your mouth ~ replace your mask & return to your pew using the side aisles only.

Offertory donations during Mass are to be placed in any of the 4 fixed hampers (2 up front & 2 at the divider aisle) ~ please deposit your weekly offering in those hampers ~ no collection baskets will be passed thru the rows of pews.

The Final Blessing & Dismissal will follow immediately after Communion.

Please exit the Shrine by going down the center aisle by rows then using the side aisles to double back to the lobby. (maintaining social distancing all the while) * Use only the Main Entrance to exit – not the side entrance.

Any socializing before/after Mass should be brief and done outdoors.

Please refrain from touching any of the holy images/statues in the Shrine.

Opportunity to register Masses & request candles to be lit will be provided in the Lobby or outdoors after Mass. ~ take-home hand-outs offered by ushers to those who request them ~ fill them out at home and return them later.


Secure Online Giving

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As you're aware, it's been over a month since we've been unable to celebrate the sacraments together- with you, due to COVID-19 Emergency closure.  Our time to reopen- business as usual- is beyond our control.  Please remember we need your help now MORE than ever so that when we are allowed to reopen we will be fully staffed and able to help you, to serve you, well, in a safe and clean Shrine with our expenses in our control with many thanks to you! For now, stay at home, healthily social distance and wash those hands. We miss you and you're in our hearts and in our prayers: so now click the above online giving heart. Many, many thanks. God bless....St. Joseph pray for us!


Mass Times

Masses Weekdays 8:00AM , 12 Noon & 5:30PM
Saturday 8:00AM, 12 Noon & 4:00PM
Sunday 8:00AM, 10:00AM & 12 Noon

Confessions Weekdays 10AM-12PM & 4:30PM-5:15PM
1st Wednesday of every month 7:00PM-8:00PM
Saturday 10:00AM-1:00PM

Holy Days & Holidays As Announced In News, in the bulletin, in the Mass & Confession Schedule & on the Answering Service

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament Saturday 8:30AM – 3:45PM
First Fridays 8:30AM – 5:15PM

Novenas Wednesday St. Joseph the Worker: after the 12 Noon & 5:30PM Mass. Wednesday
Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal: after the 5:30PM Mass
Holy and Holiday Mass Schedule As Announced
Monday 7:00PM – 8:30PM Meets in the Conference Room.

Office Hours

Gift Shop & Bookstore

COVID-19 Closure Until Further Notice.

However if you'd like to book a Mass Intention request please call or email the Gift Shop Manager at 978--459-9522 x213 or [email protected]