St. Joseph the Worker Shrine

Prayer to St. Joseph for Workers

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Prayer to St. Joseph for Workers

St. Joseph
faithful like the Patriarchs before you
bridge to the new covenant by your royal lineage,
protector of the Holy Family,
we come to you in our need

Blessed Joseph
your actions in unexpected moments of trial
always showed your complete trust in God,
bless us with that same grace.

Noble Joseph
you journeyed to a foreign land
 to care for your family,
bless all who must do the same
 to provide for those they love.

Holy Joseph
sanctified by your labor,
bless all who work
and all those who are seeking employment

St. Joseph the Worker
Patron of our Shine
may we always treasure the faith
bequeathed to us by our families and our cultures.

We pray that all who honor St. Joseph at this Shrine
may be assisted by his patronage in this life
and by following his example,
may reach our eternal happiness.
We ask this in the name of Jesus,
Our Lord and Brother. Amen